Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tool # 10 Digital Citizenship

Teaching the students about being a good citizen is our responsibility too, not only the parents. digital citizenship implies that they behave in a proper manner online. I will make sure that they know that they are laws that govern the internet also. That information that is posted can be recover and come back to "hunt them" i n the future. just because you don't find it on Google doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
The documents provided by the district are a great tool to introduce the students to this. Let them know that the school is regulating and can access, if necessary, all their files.
To teach my students this I will show them real life examples, how posting things and cyberbullying had hurt other people and can hurt them. I will create a document explaining the expectations and consequences if this expectations are not meet by the student, this document will also be shared with the parents.

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