Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tool #3 Videos/Dropbox

Interesting that BrainPop was not mentioned. As a 6the grade teacher i can still get away with BrainPop some times. Teacher tube is awesome and I remember pulling it up during the school year and the students reacted in a very funny way since they didn't consider there was anything outside YouTube. You tube is a great tool students love it but the words you use for searching are crucial. Science is an ever changing matter so news clips are crucial to keep us "up to date". specially with this generation, videos are a must!

Safety first!

The next video my husband found for me and I played it during the first couple of days because it has the artist that the students like and the talk about the importance of science.

The copyright laws new to me and our students definitively have to be told about it.Just because is out the (on the internet) does not mean that you can use it as yours. 14 years, wow, all new to me!

Dropbox is a life saver when the files are big. Also make presentations easier to grade. Love it!

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